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Do you grind your teeth at night? Do you need a mouth guard for sports? Whether you have a teeth grinding problem or need a sports mouth guard that is properly fitted by a dentist, Dr. Fahmy can offer a variety of grind guards, snore appliances,and sports mouth guards.

There are several benefits from getting a special snore guard or mouth guard from your dentist:

Ensure proper fit:

Many teenage athletes are reluctant to wear their mouth guards during sports, because the mouth guards don’t feel comfortable. By getting a dentist-fitted mouth guard, you’ll be helping your kids to stay safer while they play sports and avoid costly and painful injuries to the mouth The incidence of these injuries have been on the rise due to more participation of kids of all ages in a multiple of contact sports. If your son or daughter plays football, basketball, baseball, soccer or hockey, we can provide them with a custom sportsguard specific to their sport.

Get relief from nighttime habits:

Many people grind their teeth at night without knowing why, or without knowing how to stop. Grinding teeth can be a sign of anxiety or other health conditions – and it can be bad for your long-term oral health. If you keep grinding your teeth at night, you might wear down your tooth enamel (making you vulnerable to tooth decay) or suffer a cracked or chipped tooth and TMJ dysfunction. Keep your teeth healthy and strong with a grind guard or snore guard to protect your teeth from nighttime grinding.