Oral Surgery

Do you need awisdom tooth extraction, root canal surgery, or other oral surgery?. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing any pain or discomfort, it may be advisable to take them out if they are impacted. In some cases, they can cause decay in the neighboring teeth. Please call our office today for a consultation.

Dr. Fahmy offers over 25 years of experience in complex extractions and oral surgery. , We will perform all wisdom tooth extractions under local anesthesia for easy and fast recovery. If you wish, we have a dental anesthesiologist who will put you under general anesthesia so we can extract all four teeth while you sleep.

Extraction of wisdom teeth as early as age 14 is sometimes necessary to prevent future tooth movement and complications. At that age, the teeth have roots that are not fully developed, which makes the surgery easier with speedy recovery and less complications.