Do you need a root canal? Do you have a cracked tooth? have you suffered a tooth injury or some other dental problem that has caused damage to the pulp and nerves of your tooth? Dr. Fahmy and staff can provide endodontic treatment for any dental problems affecting the inside of the tooth, includingpulp and nerves. Dr. Fahmy has been performing complex root canal procedures with 99% success rate for the last 23 years.

One of the most common types of endodontic treatment is a root canal. In a root canal treatment, an infected tooth has the soft tissue (known as “dental pulp”) removed, replaced with a filling, and then capped with a dental crown. Root canal treatment is a complex treatment for advanced tooth decay or gum infection. Although root canal treatment is no one’s idea of a good time, Dr. Fahmy can perform the treatment with minimal discomfort and good prospects for a strong recovery. We use modern techniques and materials with no post-operative pain. In some instances, if you have an old root canal that is failing, we can redo it or perform apical surgery to avoid extracting the tooth.

If you think you might have a serious problem with an infected tooth, or if you’ve suffered a cracked or damaged tooth as a result of an accident or injury, schedule a consultation at our office today.